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9th August 2019

2:49am: Hihi
I was feeling glum that my friends of yesteryear from livejournal are no more.
If you stumble upon this, find me


11th August 2017

1:33am: good god
I thought about livejounral today, where has the time gone. Is anyone from yesteryear still alive?

4th March 2013

2:55pm: new6

4th July 2012

9:02am: 674422_n

I have been very neglectful of Livejournal. Someone punish me.

11th May 2012

10:50am: A friend nudged me.
Back in the day, iscribble used to be so nice. Not that anyone here isn't nice, the format itself as simply lost it's charm. Really I think to be a good live journal-er you need to be crazy. I knew some really crazy fucks back in the earlier livejournal years. That was yesteryear.

Really let your heart out, think about something that makes you cry then write about as you wretch but add in a little humor. Typos can make great words.

14th April 2012

7:40pm: Everyone who is my friend (and non-friends), I will start reading and commenting again.

28th February 2012

2:49am: Hello everybody I found the secret to changing your life and living forever, if you are interested please follow these steps.

1. Have a cup of water ready in the morning to drink right away when you wake up. Eat a few bites of trail mix.
2. Brush your teeth
3. Walk around at least 30 minutes during the day with occasional running.
4. Drink a lot of coffee during the day and eat some sort of healthy vegetable thing.
5. Take a bath with steeped green tea, it should turn the water green.
6. Dance around for 10 minutes
7. Brush your teeth
8. Think about relaxing things as you fall asleep

26th February 2012

1:50am: I wonder if anyone uses these anymore. It's been so long.
There's only 3-4 friends out of 50 that have posts in the past 6 months.

Still sitting in the same spot i always have been, only I am wiser and better at art.
This is a message to the whole world

27th October 2010

1:32am: screw you livejournal. just kidding

Uhh, shit.
My life sucks, but I don't wanna talk about it cause being sad is so last year, or 2 years.

Highlight of my life is chasing squirrils away from the birdfeeder.
Also, naw that's it.

13th July 2010


8th July 2010

10:28pm: I think the best way to ask someone out on a date is with a hand drawn note of you and them enjoying an activity at where ever it is you would like to go.

1st July 2010


10th March 2010

5:10pm: Some finished, and some not finished.
Good luck to everyone.
Wish I could save you all.

27th January 2010

3:08pm: Ohh, do you remember what it was like back then.
how silly of you not to remember.
Things were better then, it seemed like back then, it was right now.
Right now isn't as good as you thought it would be, but back then seems alright.


7th December 2009


Life is short. Oh yeah, heard that before?
What the FUCK are you gonna do about it?

People do the best they can.

For the first time in along time, I got my heart broken.
Lazy, not thinking about how short and precious my time could be.
I'm back motherfuckers. At least until I forget how short life is and get lazy again.

For those of you who lead interesting lives, on the edge, tell me. What's your secret?

20th October 2009

4:11pm: A rare photo of me browsing the internets

28th September 2009

10:45pm: Women:

So confusing.

It's time for some self reflection, It's not the girls fault that I end up so cold and feeling like a waterlogged corpse when it's over.

I felt the same way with Anne and Alisia, this exact feeling. Yet my feelings towards each of them were completely different than my feelings towards Pert. Not less, simply different.

With Pert, I saw the most wonderful things I had seen in my life. I held her we sat on the shore at midnight, the sunset. The top of the world. I tried to kiss her these three places, but she refused.

A part that makes me sad now is that I should have walked away and let her choose. but I made her kiss me. I didn't physically force her, but I grew upset that our trip was 2/3rds done and we had not kissed. It really made my mood sour, she kissed me just so I would stop being upset.

She's 24, and I was the first guy she's ever been close to, she told me today that she doesn't feel like we have good chemistry. I can't be around her anymore on iscribble, it just makes me sick to have her sitting there being intellectually intimate with other people.
I don't know how to take that, but I feel so drained and used.

This time is a little different because I know someday in a few years the story will be that I fell in love with a girl in the most beautiful place I had ever seen in my life, we kissed in a park, and I was happy.

23rd September 2009

12:57pm: Stop worrying and you'll feel bettr

19th September 2009

11:22pm: Hello, this is a letter to the future.
Nothing has been more instrumental in finding calmness as the people who have influenced me.
Something to think about is if our own happiness was mirrored by generations past.
Are we, as artistic observers of our time, on the cutting edge of something new?
Is the affinity we share with one another something that my grandparents felt with thier lovers.
For fleeting moments, it can feel as if we are all alone, swept up in something.

As someone imperfect, influenced by an imperfect world and set of circumstances,
I can not speak for what is right or wrong of my time.
Know that I see things in my time and I am filled with a creeping dread,
I feel helpless as the world seems so broken around me.

Did my anscestors have this feeling as well?

You look back on the history books and and entire time period is summarized in a sentance.
Cultures destroyed, World Wars, Slavery, Famine.
It loses it's meaning. You don't feel the pain.
What it means to live, is to be right in the center of all this pain.

There is a god in our time, and it is the intricate beauty of things.
It is not an old grey man who sees all. It is in me and you,
the best way to describe this is a flower. Here it is, a little blue flower growing,
can you see how beautiful it is. Isn't it just the most wonderful thing in the world,
to have this little blue flower here before you, smelling like a little blue flower.
This flower, in this moment, is the most beautiful thing that has ever existed,
this flower has to die, it will wither and flake away to the dust, like all flowers before.
Isn't it just as sad that this poor little beautiful thing has to die.
Just as sad as beautiful.

I hope that art becomes a guiding force in your world,
A moment where your view of humanity is not as hopeless as mine is in this time.

The joy from painting a picture.
The art in flowers,
and the art in love.

16th September 2009

4:53pm: I did the chalk drawing for this event! they didnt focus in on it in the news but you can definatly see it in alot of the shots!

the mayor of minneapolis was there!


14th September 2009

10:42pm: chalk

Going out with some girls from craigslist has shown me I need to be less judgemental.

Also reading craigslist has shown me that gay guys are sluts.

27th August 2009


2nd May 2009

7:55pm: oh everybody i hope you're all alright tonight

5th April 2009

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