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A friend nudged me.
Back in the day, iscribble used to be so nice. Not that anyone here isn't nice, the format itself as simply lost it's charm. Really I think to be a good live journal-er you need to be crazy. I knew some really crazy fucks back in the earlier livejournal years. That was yesteryear.

Really let your heart out, think about something that makes you cry then write about as you wretch but add in a little humor. Typos can make great words.

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Hello everybody I found the secret to changing your life and living forever, if you are interested please follow these steps.

1. Have a cup of water ready in the morning to drink right away when you wake up. Eat a few bites of trail mix.
2. Brush your teeth
3. Walk around at least 30 minutes during the day with occasional running.
4. Drink a lot of coffee during the day and eat some sort of healthy vegetable thing.
5. Take a bath with steeped green tea, it should turn the water green.
6. Dance around for 10 minutes
7. Brush your teeth
8. Think about relaxing things as you fall asleep

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I wonder if anyone uses these anymore. It's been so long.
There's only 3-4 friends out of 50 that have posts in the past 6 months.

Still sitting in the same spot i always have been, only I am wiser and better at art.
This is a message to the whole world

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screw you livejournal. just kidding

Uhh, shit.
My life sucks, but I don't wanna talk about it cause being sad is so last year, or 2 years.

Highlight of my life is chasing squirrils away from the birdfeeder.
Also, naw that's it.